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A natural silver fox fur coat . Made of pelts coming directly fromnorthern Finland . Thearctic circle climate provides the ideal condition for super long haired pelts of high density and incomparable hair quality . This fur coat is brand new ,silky , plush and supple . Ultra low weight and ultra high insulation index . Features a luscious and impressive collar . Inner lining is made of silk and has a nice black animal print pattern . Two side pockets and three furrier hooks & loops for closure . In addition a luxury neck button . This coat starts in a straight pattern from the top and gets wider as going to the bottom sweep . Flattering and classic , ideal for all silhouettes .

A special technique is used to create this sophisticated pattern . A flat area at the top of the back and around the shoulders which was made by using the front legs of the skin . And again at the bottom sweep , all the way around , trinagular fluffy areas alternating with reversed triangular flat areas.

If you need bigger than XL please contact us for quotation or other inquiries.please feel free to contact us.

Fur coats are one of the hottest crazes in the fashion industry today. Thousands of people throughout the world have considered it for several good reasons. They are not only used for warmth on the coldest of days, but the use of fur coats has moved even into the must have category of today’s fashion.